About Us

Verdane Fund Manager AB is an advanced investment platform based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was established April 2018. We are strictly into trading and mining, we use crypto proceeds to make loans and investments to help growing companies succeed and as well offer consistent returns to our investors.

Verdane Fund Manager AB vision is to build a strong alliance and everlasting partnership with our investors; also leading them to financial Independence.

We believe saving should be simple, not stressful. We offer a straightforward and easy way to diversify your portfolio while offering a way to boost your financial goals. We’re making it easier to invest and make an impact – without affecting your lifestyle. Everyone should be able to invest, regardless of their income. We’ve removed the traditional barriers to investing that we believe make growing your nest egg easier and accessible to everyone.

Our software system was developed to give our investors around the world a profit with varying ROI depending on the amount of funds invested.

All associates join through the easy and simple registration link which will establish a powerful international alliance for world trade.

All investors from any country will share business ideas and the most important part of it is that the profits will be directly distributed to all Verdane Fund Manager AB associates worldwide.

Why Invest With Verdane Fund Manage AB

Take the opportunities our system provide to make good returns from cryptocurrency.

24/7 Support

We boast of very standard customer care that can be found no where else on the globe. They are on desk 247 to respond to investors.

Strong Security

Everything is kept under military grade encryption from end-to-end keeping your digital assets safe while trading or storing.

Recurring Profits

The aim of our system is to give investors financial breakthrough. This is achieved through our carefully crafted system of trading.


We are reliable, you do not need to wait forever before you can start seeing returns on your investments. Everything happens instantly.